Ani’s Advent 2019! A Mystery… and a letter from Dante-Dawg

Dante Dawg’s letter to Santa to help his greatest friend, Ani. xxx

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Okay, Santa,

Another week and I’m safe from the antlers!

So many friends have come to my rescue…it’s wonderful!

And so many of them are not asking for much for themselves either. They all seem to be thinking about others. So… I don’t get it.

You fly all around the world…see all kinds of two-legses and four-legses…in fact all the numbers of legses… and if so many of them care about others, of their own species or different species, how come there are still so many going without the basic things like food, clean water and a warm bed at night?

It doesn’t add up.

If the ordinary folk… not that anyone is ordinary… want things to change, how come they don’t?

I’m not asking you to give away trade secrets here, but, if you know who’s responsible for it not happening… would you have a word please?


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7 thoughts on “Ani’s Advent 2019! A Mystery… and a letter from Dante-Dawg

  1. Loved reading Adele and hopped over to Sues, Our four legged friends are just the best aren’t they.. ❤

    Have a wonderful Christmas Adele.. Thank you for your support over at Dreamwalker's, I really appreciate it..
    Much love your way ❤ And if you ever want a paranormal tale there are a couple under different headings in the category page at the foot of my blog ❤ One which stood out this time of year is this one

    Much love… ❤

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