Christmas Tree Séance

A fantastic and wonderful true story from Sue esp for Christmas.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

As most of you know by now I often join workshops and physical mediumship séances. For a number of years now I have sat as a guest in Scott Milligan’s Physical Circles in various venues around the UK.

Today Sunday18th Dec 2011, I was privileged to join Scott again in his end of the year Séance in which we were asked to bring a small toy each (ones with no batteries ) for Spirit Children .. We wrapped them up in the séance room  and placed them around a very small tree in the centre of the circle..  there were 18 of us in the circle… I took a small tambourine, others had taken soft toys, squeaky ones and one  present was a tin of that spray string in a can.

The Séance was an end of the year thank you to the spirit world and was a special opportunity…

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Séance

  1. Thank you dear Adele.. for your reposting of this blog post of mine..
    I really appreciate the share..
    I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas.. And your hogmanay was a joyous one..
    Sending you Love and well wishes for 2020 and beyond my friend..
    May this Year bring all you desire in both happiness and health..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue ❤

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