A message of hope from our May Queen

A message of hope from The May Queen

Beltane Fire Society

This poem was written when COVID-19 was barely a whisper through these isles, so whilst it doesn’t reference it directly, I hope within the words you might find some relevance for our time. 

I know it might sound quite flippant and to say ‘have hope’ when uncertainty has ravaged the lives of many in our community. We are made up locally and globally largely of people working in community education/events, have zero hours contracts or are self-employed artists, healers, performers and creators, or are working in services or healthcare risking their lives daily to keep our world rotating. 

But I hope these words go deeper than flippancy. I believe we are being called to collectively cultivate an unshakable sense of hope, an unwavering resilience that will guide us through the shadows of what’s to come – beyond this year. I’ve been uplifted to see so many self-organised networks of support…

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