The Small Dog on Guard…

Ani’s adventures with cows and other four-legged beasts.

The Small Dog

I live with a cow-field just over the fence,
For a guard-dog that’s really no joke,
‘Cause a cow is a curious beastie, you see,
And they all have a thing about looking at me
And their heads through my hedges they poke.

So when it is cow-season and they come out,
I’m on duty from morning till night,
For a small dog a whole herd of cows is not fair
But this spring for some reason the cows are not there…
So I thought I’d have no-one to fight.

So, I’m minding my business out there by the fence
When another great beastie I spy…
My heart gave a lurch and it really was thumping,
As big as a cow, but it’s running and jumping,
And I’d swear that it thinks it can fly!

“No barking, my girlie,” she says straight away,
“Because horses get skittish, you know.”

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