Happy Beltaine

Happy Beltaine one and all. I hope that the virus which has the world in its grip will loosen that deadly grip and vanish. Well; Mayday is the day for wishes and this is my wish.

I also want the lessons learned from the lack of people in the world not to be forgotten. The animals wandering down from the mountains to see what’s going on with “them pesky two legs” the largest ozone hole repairing itself.

We have an opportunity to sit back and realise just how much of a footprint we leave on this beautiful earth of ours. We are all connected and people have forgotten just how much.

Without the worm, the bird’s would go hungry, without the plants, the butterflies and bees would die and without the bee, we would have no pollination. Everything, from the lowly worm to the albatross high in the sky need one another and it’s time to remember that again.

So, this Beltaine my wish is for us all to bring about a new day when we remember what we have forgotten about our true nature.

One of my favourite bands which I had the pleasure of seeing perform live.

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