Vote for a cover!

Dan’s shout out for helping me chose a cover for Wisp II THanks Dan

Dan Alatorre

Adele is trying out cover ideas for her latest story. Which cover looks best? Tell me in the comments section below.

Cover 1:

Blank 6 x 9 in copy maybe

Cover 2:

3rd try(1)

Cover 3:

Blank 6 x 9 in (2)(2)

Cover 4:

Blank 6 x 9 in (1)

Cover 5:

3rd try

Let us know which one you think looks best!

Comment below!

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17 thoughts on “Vote for a cover!

  1. I am torn between 4 and 5… and on looking through them several times.. I think I like number 5 the best.. which looks like number 2…
    Yes… Number 5 has it… 🙂
    ❤ good luck with your new book Adele.. ❤

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      1. I haven’t tried that one. My ability to learn new editing tools is nonexistent. Lol. I still use Word to make covers. I find that a combination of “soft edge” and “glow” helps blend images. I wonder if Pic Monkey has something similar. Good luck with your choice. I know it can be nerve-wracking! ❤

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  2. PicMonkey has got the glow and soften feature and lots of other features. Give it a go and see, there are lots of articles that they write about working with the tools. xxx


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