The Small Dog gets Busted

Dante Dawg reblogging Ani’s post in solidarity and with sorrow as he didn’t know dog treats don’t grow either. ❤

The Small Dog

I may be in the doghouse
‘Cause, “Your face gives you away,”
I’ve not a clue what she might mean…
I’d just gone out to play!

“Don’t come the innocent with me,
I know what you’ve been at…”
I wondered how, from in the house,
She’d seen me chase the cat…

“Have you been digging, girlie?”
That’s unfair, how did she know?
I thought if I could plant something
Then maybe it would grow…

I wondered if she’d noticed
That I’d trampled on her rose?
“I know what you’ve been doing…
I can see it on your nose.”

I’d seen her planting seedlings,
When I said they were too small,
She’d promised me by summer
They would be all big and tall.

She said that that’s what gardens do
I thought it heaven-sent…
So with my little chicken treat
I thought I’d ‘xperiment…

‘Cause my treats are just little ones

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