I am sharing J. Allen Cross’s article here as the trend for those who want to barge their way into any magical tradition appears to be rising. I’m talking about those who want to have their cake and eat it too. Without proper respect for the tradition, they want to belong to. Without listening to the warnings of the elders or learning from them. Apparently, if you try to tell these they people or warn them then you are accused of “gatekeeping”.

I remember a few years ago, our local free thinking foundation advertised the following; “Become a shaman with this weekend course only £250.”

I hit the roof; “Do you know how dangerous it is to be a shaman? Do you know how long it takes or how much a shaman actually does?” and so on. So, with regard to the trend, I’m a Gatekeeper. Well, bring it on because you shall not pass without the proper respect, knowledge or awareness that the spiritual world is real, dirty, and dangerous.


Cross and Crossroads: In Defense of Gatekeeping


8 thoughts on “The Gatekeeper

  1. “Magic is not all love and light. Magic is not consequence free.” Those two phrases, both true, need to be understood by anyone seeking entrance to the Mysteries… in whatever tradition.

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  2. Fabulous share Sis. So true, no messing with black magic for this girl, or calling up spirits. I’ve heard a few stories from friends in my time about bad spirits hanging around in their homes after seance. No thanks, lol. I was scared enough of the Ouija board when I was 8 and trashed it, lol. ❤

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