Friday in my to reduce kitchen waste…

A very useful post from Carol about what to do with your food waste. I’m going to try the potato advice as I can’t live without my tatties.

Retired? No one told me!

Today I am going to talk about waste in the kitchen…what we sometimes waste and could use…it has the knock-on effect of saving money, having tastier, healthier meals with no preservatives or fillers…Reducing food waste not only helps the environment, but it’s also an excellent way to save some extra money and time.

How many of you peel your veggies including mushrooms then either put the peelings in a composter or just throw them in the trash?

Many vegetables like potatoes and carrots have edible skins just give them a wash or a soft scrub and prepare as usual. Always peel your potatoes or you have fussy people like my hubby who doesn’t like the skins left on but is quite happy to eat them if I deep fry or bake the peels…

Now no matter what you cook, you’re likely to produce waste, even if it’s just the garlic…

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