The Story of Plastic…27th July…

Carol with a sobering post about the use of plastics

Retired? No one told me!

Hello and welcome to my environmental posts…it has been two weeks since I watched the film “The story of Plastic” and attended the virtual Q & A session shortly afterward…

Both worthwhile as there was much I learned and it left me not only with answers but questions and concerns…

The story of plastic charts how the gas and oil industries have been very successful in manipulating the narrative…Who are the heroes and villains?

Not the consumer as manufacturers and packaging companies have always had us believing…they would like us to continue believing we are not doing enough or not doing it correctly..they are always urging governments to run community-funded re-cycling initiatives when there is no responsibility on them to sort the problem…

The industry has to be responsible… if something cannot be easily compostable or recycled it should not be made…the industry needs to produce packaging which can all…

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