The Story Of Plastic …Part 2

Carol with the story of plastic part 2 and some very disturbing news which has just made me shake my head.

Retired? No one told me!

Asia particularly is drowning in plastic…Trash becomes trash after it has been used…once it has served its purpose…Most solutions are consumer not manufacturer led.

Trapped in Plastic

I think this beautiful image drawn and painted by Rishika perfectly depicts my drowning in plastic comment…she really is a skilful artist…Thank you Rishika for letting me use this image…

Cleanups although admirable are not the solution they don’t make the problem go away…

Having taken the western world’s plastic for decades … Countries like China and Thailand have now stopped this practice and handed it back to western countries …But what are countries like India doing to solve their mountains of plastic now that they are still taking in some waste from abroad? Their waste mountains seem to be almost legendary around the world

The Alliance to stop plastic waste is a non-profit organisation that has partnered with companies from around the world to eliminate

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7 thoughts on “The Story Of Plastic …Part 2

      1. We are fine thank you, is our rainy season( leaky) ceiling time but still warm …I enjoy the research and I was always been the kid who asked why, where, how and what if? …haha and that has never changed xx What was it that made made you shake your head ..the gas plants?

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      2. Yes, Carol and also how money rules regardless of whether it harms the planet or not. I get down at times with all that’s going on worldwide but then I watch a video or read a story on your blog about people combating this and get energised again. lol, I was that kid too. I once asked “okay so who were God’s parents and who were their parents?” xxx


  1. Indeed, Adele.. I watched a documentary some months ago on the plight of the huge mountains of plastic landfill sites and just how it is impacting India and other nations…
    Local fisher men finding the fish are containing plastic within them.. While countries like ours in the UK while we recycle our plastic, thinking it is being used and disposed of correctly often it was just being shipped abroad for another country to deal with… Hence the mess we see …

    Thank you for your caring heart Adele… And also for sharing Carols excellent post…
    Sending love and Blessings your way… Much love ❤ Sue

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      1. I so agree Adele.. ❤ Awareness is now coming to the fore with people like you and Carol and many more bringing it to peoples attention All over the world.. Sending Love and hugs 💚🙏

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