Hello folks hope you are all well and having a good day. Now, today’s song in the brain since waking up is this one.

When I think of Bryan Adams it usually takes me back to a time and a particular club in Elgin which was called The Venue. It was one of those fantastic 90’s rock clubs with live bands. The floor was so sticky you could dance on one spot all night. The beer was served in plastic glasses and the toilets, well, you can imagine. Going to The Venue was the highlight of our Saturday night. At this time I was well and truly Goth/Grunge, but a few songs which came out will always bring back happy memories. This one in particular I still listen to.

When I hear this I still want to get up and dance. The words are so true. ❤

In 1993 my beautiful daughter Tara was born, a month or so early. I was booked in for a cesarean section as I was too small to give birth normally. My specialist told me and I wasn’t arguing with him. For this procedure I had to go to Aberdeen but because she was early, I had them page my Mum in the local supermarket and refused to go in the ambulance without her.

Anyway Mum was there when Tara was born and all throughout the operation she told me stories about dragons to keep my attention from what was going on. Thank you Mum.

My Mum in the background, my brother, me and Tara.

When she was born she had jet black hair and dark eyes. My Uncle Tommy used to say I was a Pict as he had been told growing up, on the island of Rousay, that the Picts were little and dark.

He was a great joker my Uncle Tommy and he once told me that the Picts dug a tunnel under the sea from Rousay to the Mainland island. Years later he asked me how I could have believed him. I smiled at him and replied, “magic.”

The Pictish designs, alphabet or various pictographs have mostly been a puzzle to people. What happened to the Picts? Where did they go? Why can’t we understand their language today? I don’t know the answer, perhaps there will be a Rosetta stone moment, I don’t think it will be long before there is one.

However, I have always relied on my intuition and here are some symbols and interpretation based on my opinion, only mine nobody else’s. Don’t want to get sued, although they’d be hard pressed to get any money. Anyway, here we go.

I have had a necklace with the V-Rod and Crescent design for many years. To me it represents the Goddess with the rods representing female and male energy.

The wonderful Burghead bull. Burghead is just seven miles away from where I live now and the first time I saw this it stirred emotions inside me. I believe it represents the tribal identity of the people who built the fort at Burghead and who lived all those years ago, fishing and making beverages. This tradition is still carried onto this day. Also Burghead celebrates the Burning of the Clavie which is a tradition as old as the Picts themselves. A Clavie King is elected and come near the end of January a peat fire is lit and hot embers from this fire are carried around the town. If you are lucky enough to catch a piece of the peat then you will have luck all year round. People put them outside their houses or in their windows.

When I saw this image I thought it was a Kelpie. A Scottish water horse whose legend has survived today. Don’t get on the kelpie’s back or he will take you down to a watery grave. I believe that the legend has been corrupted over the years and that Kelpie’s are part land part water and therefore represent the spiritual journey of the elements.

My Aunt Adeline, who together with Uncle Tommy brought me up, had a brooch just like this one. I thought they were dragons meeting one another holding power between them. Today I believe that the ley lines which criss cross our country are the ancient dragon lines of old and that this symbol represents the power of the ley lines.

So, there we have it. Phew, what a ramble.

See you next time for more nonsense and who knows maybe more dragons?

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