Saturday Chaos on a Tuesday!

I was not well over the weekend. Nothing serious, just a dodgy tummy but it sapped my energy and I spent Saturday and Sunday lying on the couch and watching re-runs of NCIS.

However my mind is never still even if Gibbs is missing in Mexico. (NCIS ref) I have always had a great interest in Cryptozoology and found my thoughts turning once again to the subject of Giants.

My Uncle Tommy, (Rousay) used to tell me a story about two giants one on Rousay the other on the neighbouring island of Wyre. Cubbie Ru the giant on Rousay is a place name on the island where giant boulders were thrown by the other giant from Wyre.

You can see how in childhood tales and story books my interest in Giants took hold. As I grew older I realised that “there is no smoke without fire” and began to look into the myths and legends of Giants from all over the world. From the “red headed” giant of Afghanistan to the seven foot tall skeletons found in the Americas.

In literature there hundreds of references to Giants. From Tolkien, Raymond E Feist to George R R Martin and many more. In Game Of Thrones the Giants are written well and shown wonderfully in the television series.

In my Wisp series of books, there are magical creatures, dragons but no Giants? Oh yes there are. In the upcoming book three “The Raggedy Man” there be Giants. Here is a sneak peak.

“Beware arrogance for it was our downfall. The mighty were felled not by a single blow but many. We are the last of our race and soon will join our kin. Remember us for we were mighty once.” Pendra sighed as she stopped talking and irritation buzzed inside Wisp’s brain.

“Is that all? I can’t help thinking back to the Wulden cave and their stories of giants,” he said.

“That word; giant,” Finn said. “Suddenly it seems to be everywhere.”

“My Father spoke about them too. He was convinced they lived on Edra before we came,” she turned around, her gaze upon Wisp. “Before even the fey.”

A heavy silence accompanied her words, their thoughts were so energetic that Wisp, if he wanted to, could hear them, but he’d no desire to eavesdrop, his own thoughts followed a dark spiral path.

“We should walk on,” Pendra said, breaking Wisp out of his thoughts.

They followed Aradia and the orb as it bounced ahead.

Light illuminated smooth walls, which struck Wisp as odd. “Cave walls are not smooth.”

The passage narrowed before opening into a colossal hall.

Gasps echoed around the space soaring upward to be lost as they hit the concave ceiling.

Wisp gawked around him; the others did the same. It was as if Wisp’s brain refused to process what his eyes were seeing.

Straight in front of him, raised on a plinth were two gargantuan thrones carved from jet black stone, and as the orb reflected on them veins of quartz sparkled and danced in the light.

Above the thrones a carving of a strange bird with its wings outstretched covering the distance between the two thrones. The bird was gold and every detail could be seen, but it was unrecognisable to Wisp.

He walked forward, keeping his step light not wanting to make a noise as this place made him think on a sacred tomb.

Upon reaching the thrones, he stared at their height, craning his neck to see the tops of them.

A touch on his arm pulled his attention but it was Finn who stood beside him, not the ghost of a forgotten race of giants.

“What happened to them?” Finn asked, his voice just above a whisper.

“I don’t know. Does this hall effect you as well? It feels as if…,” Wisp’s words trailed off, he found it difficult to state what his emotions were.

“We’re in a huge tomb?” Finn replied and his simple answer hit Wisp with the force of a hurricane.

He whirled around searching the vastness of the cavern until his vision rested on something over on the far wall.

“Aradia, I need the light,” he said as he walked towards the far wall, his earlier caution forgotten.

They reached their destination together and as the orb illuminated what Wisp thought was a shelf, they gasped as a door complete with handle stood out against the smooth wall.

“I wouldn’t touch it,” Aradia said, but her warning came too late as Wisp was already tugging the handle.

No effort was needed as the door didn’t open but slid forward to reveal a massive glass box. Inside the box the orb’s light shone on bones, bleached with age and as Wisp’s brain caught up with his vision, horror tramped his heart as the drawer shuddered to a halt. Inside it lay a gigantic skeleton.

Wisp gazed at a massive hand and held between skeletal fingers, as large as a sapling tree, was a scroll.

*  *  *

The hairs on Wisp’s arm stood up as nervous shivers ran through him. His fingers glided across the surface of the coffin.

“How old is this?” It was a logical question but unless the answer was found in the scroll, they would never know.

Conversation swirled around him, the voices he recognised but as if he were in a trance, they made no sense. Their conversation was an annoying buzz which interrupted his investigation until he came across something which broke his own thoughts.

A frown drew down his brows and he leaned forward to stare at a mark on the skeleton’s leg.

I hope you enjoyed this sneaky peak from The Raggedy Man and to finish off I would like to post a video of a song dedicated to the Giants from Game Of Thrones which I sobbed my heart out to.

Song by Karliene

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