This release has been a long time coming. I don’t remember what year I started to write Wolf Manor but it has gone through many re-writes since.

I won a writing competition run by Dan Alatorre and the prize was a chance to get one of your novels published by a reputable company, I won’t put name here. However they felt they couldn’t publish Wolf Manor at that time.

I’m sure all of you writers know what rejection feels like, it hurts like a thousand needles piercing your eyeballs. Yeuck. I kept going, re-writing and tweeking.

Enter wonderful faery Godmother, Shehanne Moore of Black Wolf Publishing.

Shehanne picked up Wolf Manor and we began the process of getting the novel ready and worthy of publishing. I learned so much, from how to keep one POV to changing the sentence structure to make it more exciting. I can not thank this lady enough.

My beautiful wife Becca read Wolf Manor over and over, picking up where I had accidently, lol, put in nonsense words which either didn’t make sense or were gobbldygook.

Finally we are at a point where Wolf Manor is ready to go. 5th March 2021 is the release date.


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