A few of you know that I have Dyspraxia and Functional Nurological Disorder plus a whole host of other things which affect me day to day.

However certain days are worse than others. Today was one of them.

Like the picture of the Hare at the top I was hopping around from one thing to another and trying to get them all done without a roadmap.

Dyspraxia used to be called “the clumsy child” syndrome. Well I was certainly a clumsy child. Always being told I had two left feet and falling over empty space. I still do this. However, it can affect just about everything. I can’t tell left from right, give weird directions, “straight ahead left”, see in patterns which can absorb me for a long time, begin things then don’t finish them, have to be told exactly what people want me to do. An example is for instance taking out the bin. Becca has to describe every part of this task or the bin is likely to be left on the door step.

I am also told I’m on the autisim spectrum, whoo hoo for me.

Anyway today was a scatterday when the best laid plans of Adele went flying off into the sky like tiny puffs of smoke.

On days like this there is only one thing to do, get snacks and binge watch Ru Paul’s Dragrace.

8 thoughts on “Scatterday Saturday

  1. You aren’t kidding Sis. My life is scatterday everyday lately, and the full moon at the end of a long mercury retrograde has wreaked havoc on many a life. So I hear you ❤

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