(Featured image by z.bushdeviantart.com)

As a self confessed mad hatter one must wear many hats.

The Writer’s Hat. The Painter’s Hat. The Dog Mum Hat. The Chef Hat. The Struggling with Everything Hat.

The last hat is worn so thin I need a new one.

Despite all these hats I do function much better than I used to. Why? Because I met and fell in love with my beautiful wife Becca who understands all the hats and doesn’t shout or push or shove she justs holds the hats and passes them to me. She takes care of my medication, my artistic wildness, my “oh look it’s a butterfly” mid conversation traits, pulls me back up when I fall, literally or otherwise and gives the best hugs ever, well Dante Dawg gives good ones too. Without her I would be a grey person. With her I am a rainbow.

It’s our seventh wedding anniversary on Monday and I hope we are able to eat chips in the car at the beach with Dante Dawg then go for a walk. Heavenly.

This song by one of my all time favourite bands, The Dammed, is for Becca. (Please excuse the chart countdown at the beginning it was Top Of The Pops lol)

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