Well here we are again, it’s Saturday and today it really is chaos.

Workmen are sorting our back garden paving, it is really dangerous, all chipped and seen better days. No, the paving not me.

They are doing a great job but the noise, dust and roaring of engines has me going crazy. Hence the top picture. Don’t worry I’m not going to shoot, I still have dreams of reaching the bestseller list with my writing. lol

So, normally I do a “woke up with this song in my head” video, but today I’m sharing this.

This band always gets me nodding my head and stamping my feet and today, I need to make noise.

Have a great weekend everyone, peace out.


10 thoughts on “Saturday Chaos and Nonsense

  1. Lol, I feel for you. We are currently having our utility room extended, which meant having the original one demolished. For days we had to mountaineer over the rubble to get to the back of the house, which is now the only access. Dogs are confined to the back garden and finding all the noise and workmen rather exciting.
    The estimate for completion is 3 months…

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