Hello Sweeties it’s Saturday again.

Like the image I’ve chosen of the cute little troll, I feel very hazy. It seems to be a day when nothing I try to do works out right. I’m not angry, just very confused.

I’m stuck with the puzzles on the game I’m playing, so I put it away for later.

Tried writing more of Wisp 3 and got really confused about who knows what about who. So put it away for later.

Tried to think of something really delicious to cook for lunch and decided on veggie sausages and chips. Really delicious dish put it away for later.

So, I’ve decided to just go with the flow the universe wants me to go and write this blog post

It has been a week of reading and reviewing.

I love poetry and used to write a lot when I was a teenager. Mainly concerning darkness, goth, witches and well….you get the drift. I love my sister in fey, Colleen Chesebro’s poetry and all the different styles she uses. This novel is a must for all those who love poetry and wish to try writing in the different styles.

I have tried a few but am too embarassed by them yet, to post them but I will keep trying. Practice makes perfect and with this book and it’s easy to follow instructions you will reach perfection.

Another of my sisters in fey, Marjorie Mallon has had great success in finding a publisher for her wonderful story Bloodstone The Curse of Time Book 1. So I bought the new version and am currently devouring it just as much as the first time around. It’s a wonderful story with characters that are fully developed and a storyline that is fast paced and intriguing.

I hear the click which means the oven is up to temperature so off I go to work miracles with veggie sausages.

Disclaimer, not my actually cooking.

And to round off this extremely confusing post a little light music for you all.


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