Writer’s who Influence

There are trillions of authors in the world, past and present and future too.

These are the authors who influence me and my writing.

Today I choose to showcase Storm Constantine who left us last year. Gone too soon, a talent that burned brightly in a grey world of conformity.

I first came across Storm when I read The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit the first of a trilogy continued with The Bewitchments of Love and HateThe Fulfillments of Fate and Desire.

She wrote about a new species risen from the ashes of a world gone mad. They were called the Wraeththu.

I will let Storm’s own words describe them:

“Humanity is in decline, ravaged by insanity, natural disasters, conflict, disease and infertility. A mysterious new race has risen from the ghettos and ruins of the decaying, dying cities. The young are evolving into a new species, which is stronger, sharper and more beautiful than their forerunners. Androgynous beings, they transcend gender and race. They possess skin psychic abilities and the means, through a process called inception, to transform humans into creatures like themselves. But they are wild in their rebirth and must strive to overcome all that is human within them in order to create society anew. They are the Wraeththu.”

I had become a punk, screaming against injustice, war, and just about anything else I could find. Teenage angst gone rabid and I opened the page of the first book and I stayed in her magical world of beings so beautiful that defied all the rules.

It was around the time that some of us turned into what they call now, Goths. My mother would argue that I was born one. It was a call to like-minded people, your tribe and Storm was one of us. She managed the band Fields of Nephilim for a while. She was beautiful and she wrote for us.

Storm ran a magazine called “Visionary Tongue” and I was very lucky to have a poem published in it. I still have the copy and will never throw it away.

Also, she ran a vision group with a few of us online about the Wraeththu. I feel very proud to have been a part of that wonderful experience.

After a few years of wilderness due to circumstances that took me away from writing I connected again with Storm through her blog. She was to publish an anthology in which one of my short stories was included. I was so proud and happy. My only regret is that I didn’t get to meet them all as they were in the North of England and I was way up in the Highlands of Scotland.

Storm’s writing is fluid, changeable, the subject matter ranges from The Wraththu to fallen angels. I have included a list of her titles below with credit to the Wikipedia page.


The publishing house Storm started https://www.immanion-press.com/ carries all her titles and collaborations and gives an insight into the wonderful writer Storm Constantine.

I do not have the words to write how much of an influence Storm had on my writing. She was the chaos and anarchy that punk shouted but also the velvet and darkness which would become the goth subculture.

I will always miss Storm Constantine.

oh, that’s me in the middle in all my finery.

To finish this tribute I’m posting a video from Fields of Nephilim the band with who Storm worked closely.


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