Saturday Chaos and Nonsense

I haven’t written one of these for a long time. Why?

Life, writing hard to finish Wisp 3 edits and start Wolfe Manor 2, life, but more than all those listed above; lack of confidence in myself and abilities.

Now I don’t like feeling vulnerable, I have enough mental health conditions without new ones knocking at the door. So I discovered Abraham and The Law of Attraction.

I started by listening to the videos on YouTube and then ordered the book from amazon. It makes sense to me, how your vibration creates a link from you to the universe whatever you are thinking or feeling. It is the same as the practice of magic. The intent is the most powerful part, as soon as the intent is out there the spell is already working. The rest is honing and perfecting the spell/thought which follows the intent out into the universe.

I have just started this new phase of life but it feels as if I am returning to what I knew as a child before a box was put over my head and I forgot. Not literally people.

I had begun to sink into a sea of doubt, pricking my own thumbs and telling myself “Well, you tried.” Argh! I detest this phrase. So I will update as progress is made.

Anyhow, back to Saturday Chaos and Nonsense

As is usual with this post, what song I wake up singing in my head is digested and produced here for your perusal.

This is a doozie of an ear wig tune.

This is one of the original recordings but the version which is in my head is actually this one.

It’s so bizarre what actually rises from your subconscious when you are asleep.

In reading news I have been listening to free audio books on YouTube. I can highly recommend.

Paul Tremblay won the Bram Stoker award in 2015 with this novel.

The narration is wonderful, the story idea unique, as far as I know, and the prose is free-flowing, keeping the story going without any hitches.

I leave you with this childhood favourite song, enjoy and tap your feet, swing your hips or just hum along.


12 thoughts on “Saturday Chaos and Nonsense

  1. HI Adele, it is lovely to read a chatty post from you. I’m sorry you have been struggling with doubt and glad you are getting some help from the videos and book you mentioned. I love Everybody wants to be a cat.

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  2. Oh, Sis! Abraham/Hicks is terrific stuff!! I have been connecting with them for more years than I can remember. I know that when my energies are struggling to find a happier thought, I must immerse myself in their YouTube videos for a recharge (so to speak) ((( Adele)))

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