Fragility of Your Flame

Poems, Photography and Flash Fiction

M J Mallon

M J Mallon’s new release is a wonderful mix of poetry, photography and flash fiction which leads us on a journey of discovery with the author.

The three fates advise and help our author through all phases of her life. Offering advice, sympathy and love these otherworldly beings are as much a part of the journey as they guide the young Marjorie and advise the older one.

Through each epoch of her life, we stand beside them, witnessing every decision and happiness with the author.

The mix of poetry, flash fiction and photography is something M J Mallon does very well. She combines them as part of the journey and the adventure she leads us on. She is a very skilled author and this newest release is a joy to traverse.


It calls me
this Scottish City
lights twinkle
Edinburgh’s dark shadows
perfect time and place

This is one of my favourites from the book. I love Edinburgh and M J Mallon describes it perfectly in the poem highlighted above.

The city does have brightness yet, the shadows are dark and deep which is the mix that is Edinburgh.

I highly recommend this novel, a journey which we all take through this life is all the better for having a reference.

With M J Mallon we can laugh, cry, puzzle over events and look forward to a future which is yet unknown.

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