September Book Reviews

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Another month of reviews including some from my Autumn Reading Challenge (which I’m already behind on – yeesh). This month, my offering of  4 and 5 star reviews includes thrillers, humor, sci-fi, horror, short stories, and YA fantasy. I hope you enjoy the browse. Click on the covers for Amazon global links. ***** You Beneath Your Skin by Damyanti Biswas This debut novel by Biswas travels at breakneck speed. Set in India, it deals with the atrocious and criminal practice of throwing acid in women’s faces. But that’s only one theme in this… Continue reading September Book Reviews

Climate Change and Health …my last post…

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This year we have seen wildfires in Australia, USA, parts of the Arctic, the Amazon and central Asia have also experienced unusually severe blazes. Image by Monika Schröder from Pixabay We are being encouraged to use electric cars, buy local to cut our carbon footprint, practise circular recycling, cook from scratch and use nose to tail eating to cut waste…Tesco in the UK is championing cutting waste…the list goes on…Frankly, I am doing my best and I am still confronted with stark headlines…telling me to do more! On top of this, we haveCovid-19, the deaths, the effect on the economies… Continue reading Climate Change and Health …my last post…

A new horror anthology

I am participating in another Box under the Bed series anthology of horror stories, edited by Dan Alatorre. I have participated in two previous anthologies in this series. Dark Visions, published in 2018, had my stories The Willow Tree and The Haunting of William. Nightmareland, published in 2019, features three of my short stories, The Siren Witch, Death Without Honour and The Path to Atonement. The new book is called Spellbound. It is available for pre-order here: I have two horror stories in this book, Death is about Choices and Glass Mountain. Blurb From the creators of the #1… Continue reading A new horror anthology

The Bossy Muse insists that I need help

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My Muse (pixabay compilation) I have my feet up in my writing room, and I’m getting a little cross-eyed from editing commas. I look up and listen. Someone’s clomping up the stairs. I’m hoping it’s the hubby with an iced coffee. But no such luck. I hear the roar of a howler monkey, and my laptop nearly flips to the floor. I know who it is. My muse. She walks in without knocking. The monkey on her shoulder bares its yellow teeth and squeezes a banana until the peel splits. The muse sits… Continue reading The Bossy Muse insists that I need help

Cover Reveal: Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry

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Help Me Celebrate! Grab a piece of cake! While I’m waiting to hear from my editors, I thought it was time to share the cover of my newest book creation, “Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry. This book will discuss the basics of how to write the Japanese and American Syllabic poetry forms we use in my weekly Tanka Tuesday challenge. I’ve collaborated with my friend, Wendy Anne Darling of Bookxeedo Book Covers, in the creation of this book cover. I love it! Some of these images have slipped into my blog,… Continue reading Cover Reveal: Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry

The Story Of Plastic …Part 2

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Asia particularly is drowning in plastic…Trash becomes trash after it has been used…once it has served its purpose…Most solutions are consumer not manufacturer led. I think this beautiful image drawn and painted by Rishika perfectly depicts my drowning in plastic comment…she really is a skilful artist…Thank you Rishika for letting me use this image… Cleanups although admirable are not the solution they don’t make the problem go away… Having taken the western world’s plastic for decades … Countries like China and Thailand have now stopped this practice and handed it back to… Continue reading The Story Of Plastic …Part 2

Guest Author: Neil Rushton ~ Dead But Dreaming ~ A New Novel

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My second novel Dead but Dreaming was published on 31 July. It is the story of a young folklorist, who travels into the English countryside in 1970 to collect testimonies about the faeries from people in the rurality. The setting is the Tertiary Research Unit of a psychiatric hospital, where the protagonist soon finds there is much more going on than they had bargained for. It’s a story about the faeries as metaphysical entities, but also includes many tropes and motifs: the concept of solipsism, Dissociative Identity Disorder (termed Hysterical Neurosis, Dissociative… Continue reading Guest Author: Neil Rushton ~ Dead But Dreaming ~ A New Novel