Fragility of Your Flame Poems, Photography and Flash Fiction M J Mallon M J Mallon's new release is a wonderful mix of poetry, photography and flash fiction which leads us on a journey of discovery with the author. The three fates advise and help our author through all phases of her life. Offering advice, sympathy … Continue reading DoWhatYouLove


The Hedge Witch & The Musical Poet

M J Mallon The Hedge Witch & The Musical Poet is a collection of poetry and flash fiction celebrating the beauty and the vulnerability of the forest kingdom. It begins with the poetic tale of the kind-hearted Hedge Witch, Fern, who discovers an injured stranger in desperate need of her woodland spells and magic. The … Continue reading The Hedge Witch & The Musical Poet

Golden Healer

The Curse of Time series Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy Series name: The Curse of Time Book 2 Release Date 23 January 2022 ASIN: ‎B09R1MTQPY ISBN:  979-8407305149 Page Count  336 kindle Buy Link: Dedication Dedicated to the one and only rollercoaster that I ever rode. It was in Portugal, and I was on holiday with … Continue reading Golden Healer

Review; Dead but Dreaming by Neil Rushton Dead but Dreaming by Neil Rushton is a fantastic read. You are immediately drawn into the main character, Blondie's world. Where they had been and where they were going. The characters are so well drawn that I found myself hanging on every conversation they had with Blondie, looking for the real message beneath the … Continue reading Review; Dead but Dreaming by Neil Rushton

Review: Poetry Treasures Poetic Vision – Sue Vincent I have always loved Sue’s poetry and writing. I count myself blessed that I knew her online. We had numerous views in common and her words made think, cry and even have eureka moments. Goddess bless you Sue, you are so missed. Geoff Le Pard Wonderful humorous poems which … Continue reading Review: Poetry Treasures

Saturday Nonsense and Chaos

Hello and welcome to another Saturday Nonsense and Chaos post. Today a chance find leads to the discovery of an ancient gem which has been resurrected. No! Not that kind of gem. I wish. I was scrolling through my You Tube watch list and came across a full movie starring the wonderful man in the … Continue reading Saturday Nonsense and Chaos

Saturday Chaos on a Tuesday!

I was not well over the weekend. Nothing serious, just a dodgy tummy but it sapped my energy and I spent Saturday and Sunday lying on the couch and watching re-runs of NCIS. However my mind is never still even if Gibbs is missing in Mexico. (NCIS ref) I have always had a great interest … Continue reading Saturday Chaos on a Tuesday!