Memoir of a mad woman-Vashti-Quiroz Vega

I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Vashti’s two books The Fall of Lilith and The Son of The Serpent.

Memoir of a Mad Woman is an entirely different novel. What would you do if you were pushed to the edge of the cliff by circumstance, cruel people and abuse?

This is the dilemma facing our main character, Emma.

Surrounded by madness she enters hell when her fanatically religious mother dies in a house fire and Emma is thrown into a state care orphanage.

This is Emma’s story of what happened to her once inside those walls and a brutal and horrific one it is.

This novel pulls no punches and the horror of abuse and cruelty are documented. This is a work of fiction but we have all heard or read stories of what children and young adults can go through in care.

The conclusion of Emma’s tale is the result of someone pushed to the edge of the cliffs and not wanting to jump off. I could not put this story down. I cried, I raged and in the end, understood why Emma did the things she did.

This book is not for the faint-hearted but for me, it shines as a memory to all those who have suffered at the hands of those who are supposed to care for them and nurture them.

I highly recommend this novel and have given it 5 stars on Amazon.

Streets Ahead Book Promotion: Words We Carry: Essays of Obsession by D.G. Kaye

As a writer, D.G. Kaye has captured my attention time and time again with her wonderful, heartbreaking and riveting true-life memoirs.  She also writes with bravery and openness which I know has helped me come to terms with many things in my childhood and adulthood. Her books have helped many of us and that is a fantastic talent to connect with readers all over the world.

Streets Ahead Promotion – JayneMarie Silent Payback

A serial killer roams the streets of Brighton, hunting for his next victim.
When the case lands on detective David Mallory’s desk, will his personal demon prevent him from bringing this vicious monster to justice?
As the body count rises, Mallory finds himself sinking under the weight of his heavy secret – one that could jeopardise his job and his reputation.
With the pressure building, can the troubled detective reconcile his issues and solve the case before more women die?

Streets Ahead Book Promotion-The Curse Of Time Book One by M.J. Mallon

This weeks promotion is a favourite book of mine. The Curse Of Time Book One by M.J. Mallon.

The story is intricate, and so are the characters that fill this wonderful story with their own personalities and quirks. Up is down, black is usually black, you’ll get turned around and back again in a very enjoyable way. Read this, enjoy this and then read it again.