Saturday Chaos and Mayhem

Hello Sweeties it's Saturday again. Like the image I've chosen of the cute little troll, I feel very hazy. It seems to be a day when nothing I try to do works out right. I'm not angry, just very confused. I'm stuck with the puzzles on the game I'm playing, so I put it away … Continue reading Saturday Chaos and Mayhem

Saturday Chaos and Nonsense

Well here we are again, it's Saturday and today it really is chaos. Workmen are sorting our back garden paving, it is really dangerous, all chipped and seen better days. No, the paving not me. They are doing a great job but the noise, dust and roaring of engines has me going crazy. Hence the … Continue reading Saturday Chaos and Nonsense

Saturday Nonsense and Chaos

Hello and welcome to another Saturday Nonsense and Chaos post. Today a chance find leads to the discovery of an ancient gem which has been resurrected. No! Not that kind of gem. I wish. I was scrolling through my You Tube watch list and came across a full movie starring the wonderful man in the … Continue reading Saturday Nonsense and Chaos

The Writerly Witch

Well, I shake my whiskered face. You'd think she, being the author, would come up with a better headline than, "The Writerly Witch," I'm not sure it's grammatically correct. Anyway, let me introduce myself. I am a witch's cat and let me tell you it's a hard job. However, I excel in a particular area of … Continue reading The Writerly Witch

A Fresh Wind Blowing Through Stereotypes

Is fantasy a male-dominated genre? I don't think so. Tanith Lee is the first name that springs to my mind, perhaps because my mother loved her work. My mother also introduced me to Marion Zimmer Bradley and her Thendara books. Later I would buy Mists of Avalon. It remains a firm favourite, although dog-eared and … Continue reading A Fresh Wind Blowing Through Stereotypes