Winter Geese

The noise over my head intensified. Disoriented I crouched down behind ferns which were as tall as me. I craned my neck back staring up at the sky. Geese. Hundreds of them overhead. I smiled even as a tear escaped my eyes. “Safe journey, guys and gals,” the old familiar saying brought more tears and … Continue reading Winter Geese


Saturday Nonsense and Chaos

Hello and welcome to another Saturday Nonsense and Chaos post. Today a chance find leads to the discovery of an ancient gem which has been resurrected. No! Not that kind of gem. I wish. I was scrolling through my You Tube watch list and came across a full movie starring the wonderful man in the … Continue reading Saturday Nonsense and Chaos

The Writerly Witch

Well, I shake my whiskered face. You'd think she, being the author, would come up with a better headline than, "The Writerly Witch," I'm not sure it's grammatically correct. Anyway, let me introduce myself. I am a witch's cat and let me tell you it's a hard job. However, I excel in a particular area of … Continue reading The Writerly Witch