A Woman of Power and Substance

The Silent Eye

Bess of Hardwick montage fullAA

It is the winter of 1584. The well-dressed woman watches as her fourth husband storms out of the dining hall at their present home, Tutbury Castle, in Staffordshire.

In the corner of the room sits a younger woman, now smiling at the angry departure of the man of the house–the sixth Earl of Shrewsbury. The seated woman with the secretive smile has good reason to be pleased at the turn of events. She has been a captive in this house for nearly fifteen years and used that time to create mayhem with sexual politics. Her name is Mary, better known as Mary, Queen of Scots. Her fortunes are diminishing by the month.. But that hasn’t stopped her using human emotions, particularly jealously, to drive a deadly wedge between the Count and Countess, her gaolers.

The lady of the house is already one of England’s richest women, in fact she will…

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#11 – The Tale of the Curious Scarecrow

Gregg Savage - Daily Tales

Once upon a time, in a cornfield very far away, there lived a very curios scarecrow. In fact, he was so curious that he would often make his friends irritated with his never-ending questions. Scarecrow had lived on the farm for as long as he could remember and had become worried that he would live there for as long as he would ever know. He woke up in the same place every morning, stayed in the same place all day and then went to sleep in the same place every night.

Over the years, Scarecrow had learned that he was good at three things: Using his imagination, being curious and scaring crows. Scarecrow did not enjoy watching the crows fly away in fright, but that is all they ever seem to want to do when they came near him. Maybe it is something I have said or done, thought Scarecrow…

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The small dog’s Advent invitation: Send Ani your letters to Santa…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Last year in December, Ani, the infamous Small Dog, wrote to Santa, every day for Advent.

It seemed to work, as she got her wish…

This year, her wish is different… she would like to invite her friends to join in.

Ani says:

“I really need your help. She says that if I can post every day for Advent, this indignity will not happen again…”

Send Ani a letter for Santa and she will share it on the blog throughout the month of December. You can also send her your Christmas poems, memories and stories.

To get in touch, please use the form on the contact page or email Ani at findme@scvincent.com

If you would like to read Ani’s Advent letters to Santa, just click the links below.

Dec 1Dec 2Dec 3Dec 4Dec 5Dec 6Dec 7Dec…

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Smorgasbord Quiz Night – Trivia Lover’s Ultimate Reference – Questions by Debra Russell. Winner receives #FREE Book

Let the games begin. Trivia quiz by Debra Russell, hosted by Sally.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Welcome to the first of four quiz nights to test your knowledge and also to celebrate the release of Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference by Debra Russell.  Debra has set the questions and each week one winner will be awarded an Eversion of her book to enjoy with family and friends and perfect for the coming holidays.

How to participate.

Once you have the answers to all the questions you need to send your answers to Debra by email  debgrussell54 (at)yahoo.com.au

I suggest that you answer the questions in word and then cut and paste into the message. At the end of the week, Debra will put the names of those who have answered all questions correctly (or those who answer the most correctly) into a hat, and draw one name out. The winner will be revealed in next week’s quiz night and will then be contacted to find out which…

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A Tanka Picture Book Cover Reveal

Cover reveal of Annette’s new novel.

Annette Rochelle Aben

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of ALL ages, step right up and feast your eyes upon the sight of sights. The COVER REVEAL of the10th book in my family of books…


  this book of images and imaginings will be available for purchase soon at


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For those who fell and those who survived please read this wonderful post from Sue Vincent. xxx

The Silent Eye

Paper poppies bloom, as fragile as the lives they represent. Every year it is the same, I try to find some way of saying what is in my heart and the words will not come.  I was not there, I have no right to speak of war and its atrocities. I have not seen it with my own eyes. I have never aimed a gun at another human being and been faced with the choice whether to kill or be killed. I have not tried to sleep in cold mud made from the earth of a foreign land mingled with the blood of my comrades. I have not lost my child to war.

I have no right to speak, but nor have I the right to remain silent when the price of my freedom to speak was so high. I have a duty to my own conscience and to all…

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