Lost Glasses

I know I had them yesterday. The day before and further back than that. I just can’t find them today. My glasses are missing, I’m wearing a strange pair that makes the world look all bendy.

Dante, Becca and I have all looked. The next step is a prayer to St. Anthony. Don’t mock, it works. St. Anthony has relocated to our house for several years now.

Amongst the forgotten glasses I also have the new, yes, the new way of working so that time is not an issue.

-sighs- Time has always been an issue to me. Becca will leave me in the kitchen happily doing work then come back an hour later to find me still poised to hit the keyboard.

When younger I was always being told, “Well what were you doing for two hours?” My reply was “nothing”.

That’s how it went all my life until I read a post on Sacha Black’s blog about this book she had read and was now managing her time much better.

I bought the book and believe me, Deep Work by Cal Newport, is the business. A guide to rules for focused success in a distracted world.

I started by opting out of email notifications for all blogs. I now go onto my reader and straight to my likes to read the blogs. This saves me lots of time but also has its problems.

However, I am getting there and sometimes find myself thinking. “I’ve finished my work for today? Are you sure brain?”

I end this ridiculousness with thoughts and prayers for those in Irma’s sights. Please be safe and let her pass over without incident.

Now, back to the glasses.



Write Better Books – Storytelling: Filtered or Unfiltered? — Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR

You get a note from a critique partner or editor friend that says, “Cut this filter.” And you are like, Huh? What? What’s a filter? Filters are stuff you write that takes us out of the Main Character’s head for a nanosecond. Usually they aren’t needed. You don’t say to yourself, “I notice it’s raining.” […]

via Write Better Books – Storytelling: Filtered or Unfiltered? — Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR

Competition to win a signed copy of “My Old Clock I Wind” by K Morris


I am giving away 1 free, signed copy of my collection of poetry, “My Old Clock I Wind”.

In order to be in with a chance of winning, please answer the following question, which novel begins as follows ”1801—-I have just returned from a visit to my landlord—the solitary neighbour that I shall be troubled with”.

The Rules

1. Please email your answers to me at newauthoronline (at) gmail dot com.
2. Please put “Competition” in the subject line of your message.
3. Please do not leave your answer in the comments below, as everyone will be able to read it!
4. The first person to email me with the correct answer wins a signed copy of “My Old Clock I Wind”.
5. The winner will be informed by email.
6. You may enter irrespective of your country of residence.

The book

To read reviews of “My Old…

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Notes from a small dog – How to fix your human

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Well, you might have noticed the two-legs has been a bit quiet… she had to go to the vet, the one with the knives… and we four-legses know that’s never a good sign. Some of my boy dog friends can attest to that! So, she packed me off to stay with my friends for a couple of nights… and you should have seen the state of her when they finally let me come home. Not a pretty sight! And the little whimpers and moans…she sounded like a sick cat…

She says the two-legs vets do stuff like this all the time, so I’m not to worry, but it does get to you after a while. When I’m not well, she strokes my ears and lets me have the sofa. Yeah, I know I always have the sofa anyway…but when I’m poorly, she actually lets me have it.

So, I got…

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Guest writer – Michelle Clements James – A Ghostly Figure in the Hall

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Just after my 6th birthday, my parents bought an old house in what was then a rural area.  It was purported to be haunted, though Mom and Dad did not mention that to myself nor my brothers and sisters. I remember shortly after moving into the house, I left my bedroom and as I entered the hallway, a misty figure appeared before me.  I screamed!  Dad came running with Mom just behind him.  I told him I saw God.  Even now, after so many years, I can still see the knowing look he gave my mother.

You might think that whatever frightened me would have been thrown off by my screams, but the spirit kept coming back to me.  He (I’ve always thought it was a he) would playfully lift me up and let me “fly” around the room when my parents were in another part of the house. …

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Guest author: D. G. Kaye – A visit to Heaven

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I am doubly grateful to Debby for sharing this story, as I know that many people will relate to what she recounts. I met my great-grandfather in very similar circumstances, a number of times…though it was always in a wood such as the ones we had often walked together… and only when I truly needed his sage advice.

It may be argued by some that these encounters are created in dream by the mind and imagination, born from a need for comfort and reassurance. Others will accept Debby’s suggestion of astral travel and some will see it as a meeting beyond life. Whatever the explanation, such an encounter can only be born of love…

I’m happy to be back here to share an intimate story from the beyond. I recently wrote a guest post here for Sue – Messages from Beyond, and was asked by Sue to come back…

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Book Lover’s Tag – For lovers of Reading.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

My thanks to Brigid P. Gallagher for tagging me in this Book Lover’s Tag Tour. Brigid also has an amazing blog where she shares her love and expertise as a gardener, along with tours of some of Ireland’s most spectacular grounds that are open to the public. Here is her own Book Lover’s Tag post. https://watchingthedaisies.com/2017/09/06/book-lovers-tag/

Please click on the author’s name to be taken to their selling pages.

Brigid P. Gallagher

Here are the questions for the Book Lover’s Tag tour.

Do you have a specific place for writing?

In my head and then at my desktop.

Book mark or random pieces of paper?


Can you stop anywhere or must it be at the end of a chapter?

Anywhere, since my Kobo picks up where I left off… otherwise!!!

A print book… anywhere with a bookmark.

Do you eat or drink whilst reading?

A cup of coffee…

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