Streets Ahead Book Promotion-The Curse Of Time Book One by M.J. Mallon

This weeks promotion is a favourite book of mine. The Curse Of Time Book One by M.J. Mallon.

The story is intricate, and so are the characters that fill this wonderful story with their own personalities and quirks. Up is down, black is usually black, you’ll get turned around and back again in a very enjoyable way. Read this, enjoy this and then read it again.





Hidden Avebury: Seeking the Unseen

Hidden Avebury-Seeking the Unseen

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Almost everyone knows of Avebury, the great stone circle within which a village was built. A World Heritage site and one of the most incredible sacred complexes of prehistory, it is justly famous for its beauty and mystery. The site attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year but while most simply walk in awe amongst the majestic standing stones of the Circle and Avenue, there is far more to discover for those who will walk the paths less travelled.

Join us in June, 2020, as we explore some of the hidden corners of this amazing landscape, ranging beyond the boundaries of the Circle to seek a deeper understanding of what our ancestors hoped to touch by building this earthly temple to the stars.

Based in the landscape around Avebury and beyond, this weekend will entail some relatively easy walking. There will be time during the weekend to explore Avebury…

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Coleen Chesebro-A Chance to get a free copy of Fairies Myths and Magic

POETRY/Flash Fiction & Poetry/ or Poetry/Short Story BOOK PROMOTIONS & A GIFT!

This is a link to Coleen’s site where you can read the full article. I have read Fairies Myths and Magic and highly recommend this book. A wonderful uplifting read an extra boost when cold weather and winter winds beckon.


Secondary characters? How many do you need?

Shey’s new book. It’s going to be a cracker folks.

shehanne moore

SHEY : Dearest Silv, may I say how very kind of you it is to ask me here today  to my blog. I just can’t get over it. The great honour it is. To answer your question about Lizzie I wrote her out because she had no further use …

SHEY. Yes, Lizzie-alas–was adding nothing to the plot.

Nor did I need her after chapter one for the main reason I use a secondary character, that is to hold a mirror to a lead in some way, their personality, their actions, perhaps show them as I did with Dainty and Mitchell Killgower in The Writer and The Rake, in a better light and also I suppose not to make the whole thing too claustrophobic –as I also partly used Susan for in The Unraveling of Lady Fury and give Fury a sort of confidant.  Lizzie was not going to fulfil…

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Book Marketing – Being part of the Goodreads Author Programme – Sally Cronin

Sally tells you how to join Goodreads, a very important site for authors.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

In last week’s post I covered the importance of having an Amazon Author Page as a direct sellinglink to your books.

This week I would like to focus on one of the most important book marketing link to your books which is both FREE and has the added benefit of permitting readers from any country in the world to review your book without having to spend £50 on Amazon products for the privilege. Especially if you are one of the millions of readers around the world who have received your book as a gift. Even more frustrating if the book was purchased for you by someone else, and you still cannot review it on Amazon.

Unfortunately with Amazon being the largest online bookseller in the world most of us do buy our Ebooks from them, as well as print books which unless are part of their KDP print on…

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Black History Fun Fact Friday – The End of Enslavement and Reconstruction

The Truth of Slavery

The PBS Blog

Founded in 1607, America celebrated her 400th anniversary in 2007. Twelve years from 1607 (1619) she brought to her shores the first 20 persons of “African” descent to begin American slavery. (Learn more about that in a previous post here). Tuesday, August 20, 2019, marked the 400th anniversary of this event. In light of the 400th year, I thought this would be an excellent time to revisit some basics. I hope this insight will help us to understand the many disadvantages Blacks have faced since “freedom,” and why the failure of the U.S. to move on its promises to Blacks set a pattern that will define it until this very day.

During the Civil War (when the Southern States wanted to pull away or secede from the U.S. and create its own Country, The Confederate States of America), the U.S. government realized that it had to destroy anything that…

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