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It’s been quite an event! I’m sure many of you know, I’ve moved my blog. Some of you probably don’t know and may be wondering why my blog has been wonky for the last week or so.

I have been wanting to move away from my self-hosted blog for a long time, but dreaded the process – and I wasn’t wrong. Besides the fact that I’d get lots of messages throughout the last few years that readers were having a difficult time commenting on my blog, I’ve had so many issues myself with my old host. I paid substantial money for almost 8 of the 9 years I’ve been blogging, and when technical bad things were happening with it, the support I had was less than mediocre and I had to rely on the kindness of of some writing friends to get me out of a blog jam.

I decided…

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Smorgasbord Health – Christmas Cook From Scratch Rewind – Sally Cronin and Carol Taylor – Brussel Sprouts spicy and fried, Risotto Cakes and Au Gratin

Fantastic recipes for brussells and good advice, thank you ladies. I am fortunate as I love my brussells. THey are also so good roasted in the oven with some extra virgin olive oil. xxx

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Here is rewind of the seasonal posts where I share the nutritional benefits of an ingredient and Carol Taylor incorporates it in a delicious recipe.

It is that time of year when we bring out the decorations and over here – The Cook from Scratch Christmas recipes... I look at the health benefits of the food.. and my friend Carol Taylorturns them into something delicious the whole family will love.

Brussel sprouts are not necessarily the most asked for vegetable by children as they do have a slightly bitter taste (actually the healthy element of the Brussels), but if you prepare them following Carol’s guidance, they should be a hit with all the family.

At this time of year they are readily available in the stores and are a wonderful side dish for Turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

Variety is the spice of life….and our bodies need…

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Review; Dead but Dreaming by Neil Rushton

https://read.amazon.co.uk/kp/embed?asin=B08DJ9V7CJ&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_3E7JV7HWNQ95PRDZPPT5 Dead but Dreaming by Neil Rushton is a fantastic read. You are immediately drawn into the main character, Blondie's world. Where they had been and where they were going. The characters are so well drawn that I found myself hanging on every conversation they had with Blondie, looking for the real message beneath the … Continue reading Review; Dead but Dreaming by Neil Rushton

#TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge: #Poet’s choice

Colleen’s tankatuesday give it a go.

Word Craft Poetry

You guys have been killing it in the poetry department!! It’s the first of the month and you know what that means! Word Crafters, choose your own poetry form, theme, words, images, etc. It’s up to you!

On the first of the month, you can now experiment with freestyle poetry, as long as you also add a syllabic form to your poem. Don’t forget to check out the Poet’s Collective, where you will find an index ofSyllabic Poetry Forms. Check it out!

Are you looking for inspiration for your syllabic or prose poetry? Find an image onPixabay.comor experiment with “found poetry” to find some inspiration. Another option is to try somemagnetic poetryfrom the poetry Oracle.

Try combining various forms: for example, you could write a cinquain followed by an Abhanga, and finish with another cinquain! Be CREATIVE!

Here are some sites that…

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Smorgasbord Health Column – Women’s Health Month – The Heart – Connecting the Dots by D.G. Kaye

Debby G’s personal story about why you should always pay attention to your body when it’s trying to tell you something, no matter how small the change is. This saved Debby’s life and I am so glad and happy she is still here with us. ❤

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the women’s health month and in the original series, D.G. Kaye, Debby Giesaccepted my invitation to write a guest post. She shared her story about a health issue that could have gone unnoticed at great risk to her life. Thankfully she as you know she is now fully recovered from this life threatening heart condition.

Connecting the Dots by D.G. Kaye.

It was the tiniest of dots; not much bigger than the size of a pinhead. Most people wouldn’t even have paid it any mind. But I am not most people.

As a girl who has experienced her fair share of health concerns, I made a pact with myself to practice a healthier lifestyle and to become more in-tuned with my body. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a hypochondriac, but because I have been challenged with cervical cancer, glaucoma, and a near fatal diagnosis of Crohn’s disease…

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How to Start Crafting Syllabic Poetry

Colleen teaches us how to start crafting y our syllabic poetry.

Word Craft Poetry

Are you new to crafting syllabic poetry and don’t know how to start? Let me show you two syllabic poetry forms to get you started on your poetry writing journey now…

Let’s start with an American form, the Crapsey Cinquain. The Crapsey Cinquainis a five-line, non-rhyming poem featuring a syllable structure of 2-4-6-8-2. Choose words that create drama that builds into the fourth line. The turn occurs on line five, the most important line. This is where you change your focus away from the drama in some interesting way.Cinquain poems need a title.

Use a syllable counter as you compose your poetry. I use sodacoffee.com/syllables/. See my example below:

"Day Dawns"

pink blush—
fairy sunshine
smudges morning's gray clouds
dew sparkles against the grasses

© Colleen M. Chesebro

In the Crapsey cinquain above, I described a morning sunrise. True to the form, I pivoted in…

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Book Review: Wolfe Manor by Adele Marie Park

This is a wonderful passionate review of Wolfe Manor by Adele Marie Park. The reviewer is Emerian Rich who runs the horror addicts blog and pod casts. THank you so much Emz thank you.


reviewedfixedWolfe Manor by Adele Marie Park

Reviewed by Emerian Rich

wolfemanorA great first novel from a bright and promising author, Wolfe Manortakes you on a magical journey of self-discovery.

Wolfe Manor  is a school where two interesting aunts welcome students and lost souls. An orphan left at the manor as a babe, Fianna teaches art to the young girls, inspiring them with lessons she learned in the same halls.  The manor is the only home she’s ever known, but even though she’s been there all her life, it holds secrets even she doesn’t know about. As dark entities attack the estate, Fianna comes into powers she never knew she possessed. With the help of her adopted aunts and several quirky characters she’s become friends with, her powers awaken. The secrets of who her parents were, why they left her, and what her destiny is come alive in this…

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