Ani’s Advent – Upholstered manoeuvres

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Dear Santa,

Well, it happened. My sofa… it’s gone. I tried to protect it as best I could… occupied the high ground like it says in all the military books. Trouble is, she must have read them too, ’cause while I was busy digging in for my forlorn hope, she had up to date intelligence and a secret weapon… and managed to outflank me.

Knowing that today was the day, I had myself firmly entrenched on the back of the sofa, with the fish guarding the rear. I had a wall at my back and 180 degree visuals. No way she could creep up on me unawares. No way she could move the thing with me sat on it. Ha.

Then the phone rang.  “In fifteen?” she said. It is usually my boy, so I thought no more of it when she started pottering. Then, after a while, she wandered…

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