Grief the Real Talk – D.G. Kaye in her First Introductory #Podcast

D G Kaye’s first podcast, follow the links and listen. It’s a subject we all can relate to.

I finally did it! I’ve put up my first #podcast on, and Spotify, and Soundcloud. I’ve had pre-written episodes ready for over two months now, but had to spend some time learning some recording ropes on the anchor platform. I’m no novice when it comes to sharing my thoughts and experiences, but recording was a whole ‘nother experience.

Because I’m quite the amateur when it comes to recording, I am SO not well-versed in the editing part of recording. Editing, yes, this is the part when while recording and a blip comes out of my mouth that I don’t wish to share with the universe. This could be anything from a missed word, a missed pronounciation, a ding notification coming in from nearby computer, or anything. As it turns out, I attempted for hours to record from my laptop, but it just wasn’t working with interruptions…

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Meditation, Psychedelics and Charles Bonnet Syndrome: Some Personal Reflections on Interfacing with the Faeries

Neil with his personal experiences with the Good Folk. My own experiences with the Good Folk are many and I ask you to post in the comments your own experiences if any. Thank you.


Deadbutdreaming usually attempts to interpret the faerie phenomenon from as much of an objective viewpoint as possible. The complexity of the subject matter demands an uninvolved assessment if any sense is to be made of it. But as pointed out in a previous post, the entire substance of both historic faerie folklore and modern faerie experiences is made up of subjective anecdotal testimonies; and the plural of anecdote is data. This data allows analyses. The following article is a personal testimony of my own experiences – a series of data points reliant on my own subjective memory and perception. As such, it does not provide evidence of the reality of the faerie phenomenon, but my own experiences do, I hope, add a small amount of data, which may help in the ongoing exposition of what the faeries are and why they might have been interfacing with humanity for…

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The Hedge Witch & The Musical Poet

M J Mallon The Hedge Witch & The Musical Poet is a collection of poetry and flash fiction celebrating the beauty and the vulnerability of the forest kingdom. It begins with the poetic tale of the kind-hearted Hedge Witch, Fern, who discovers an injured stranger in desperate need of her woodland spells and magic. The … Continue reading The Hedge Witch & The Musical Poet

Talking Faeries on Hare in the Hawthorn – the 2022 Season

A great opportunity to hear about the Good Folk from many voices.


Kate Ray and I have just begun a new season of interviews on Hare in the Hawthorn, where we discuss the faerie phenomenon from a range of perspectives. I’ll add a link to each video here as we progress. So far we’ve done a few with just us introducing some themes and ideas, and our first guest this season is Dr Jack Hunter. We have a lot of excellent guests lined up for 2022, so please do go along and subscribe to the YouTube channel and click the bell for notifications whenever a new video is posted. Here are the clickable video links…


Dead but Dreaming the novel is available now.


The cover image is by Brian Froud, whose artwork seems to find its way into all of our discussions. Kate and I are big fans, and his depictions of the faerie world has had an…

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Saturday Chaos and Nonsense

I haven't written one of these for a long time. Why? Life, writing hard to finish Wisp 3 edits and start Wolfe Manor 2, life, but more than all those listed above; lack of confidence in myself and abilities. Now I don't like feeling vulnerable, I have enough mental health conditions without new ones knocking … Continue reading Saturday Chaos and Nonsense

Sunday Book Review – Bearing the Unbearable by Dr. Joanne Cacciatore shares her review of a book I too believe everyone should read, whether you are grieving or not. xxx

Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. Today I’m reviewing a poignant book, written from her own experience with grief and loss, as well as shared interviews with some of her bereavement clients, by Dr. Joanne Cacciatore.

As many of you know, I’ve read a number of books on grief – from the clinical to the afterlife, and one thing I can say about this book is that it stands out from others because it talks about all aspects and changes of life we go through when grief strikes – not just the expected things. Dr. Cacciatore has ‘worn the shoes’. One other thing I’d like to note about this book is that I would highly recommend everyone to read this book. Why? Because everyone in the world will have to experience it in their lifetimes, and for those who haven’t yet, this book gives amazing insights. It’s also a good…

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My 5-star reviews of books by Sally Cronin, blogger and writer extraordinaire

Diana’s wonderful reviews of some of Sally Cronin’s gorgeous books. ❤

Myths of the Mirror

Today is the International Day of Awesomeness and the authors at Story Empire decided to honor an awesome blogger, author, and supporter of the indie community: Sally Cronin.

Since I’m out and about today, this is a repost of my book reviews for Sally’s awesome books. Enjoy the browse and, of course, have an AWESOME day!


is a household name around WordPress. She’s one of the most generous bloggers this side of Sunday, and how she manages to keep up her wide range of posts continues to amaze me. I think she has a workshop of elves in the attic.

If you’re not already a fan, check out her blog for book and author promotions, reviews, music, humor, food and health tips, short stories, and poetry. All that, and….

she’s an exquisite writer.

I couldn’t think of a better way to thank Sally for her kindness than to…

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Golden Healer

The Curse of Time series Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy Series name: The Curse of Time Book 2 Release Date 23 January 2022 ASIN: ‎B09R1MTQPY ISBN:  979-8407305149 Page Count  336 kindle Buy Link: Dedication Dedicated to the one and only rollercoaster that I ever rode. It was in Portugal, and I was on holiday with … Continue reading Golden Healer

Marjorie is here to talk about her lastest Book. Golden Healer.

A wonderful review and promotion for M J Mallon’s new novel.


I am so pleased to have my dear friend Marjorie Mallon here for tea, cake and a chat about her latest book the Golden Healer.

© Marjorie Mallon

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy

Series name: The Curse of Time Book 2

Release Date 23 January 2022


ISBN: 979-8407305149

Page Count 336 kindle

Buy Link:


Dedicated to the one and only rollercoaster that I ever rode. It was in Portugal, and I was on holiday with my young family. I’ll never forget that day, I overcame my fears and rode a rollercoaster with the encouragement of my much-loved family, my husband, David, and daughters Natasha and Georgina. So, it’s time to ride another rollercoaster… I hope you will come along with me for this crazy ride! Let’s meet our fears together…

Golden Healer is The 2nd in The YA Paranormal Adventure Series – The Curse of…

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