Fairies, Myths, & Magic – Now Available in Print!

via Fairies, Myths, & Magic – Now Available in Print!


Nature Versus Nurture?

Sue Vincent fantastic article on our food today and how we must appreciate.

The Silent Eye

“Ewww!”said my younger son, screwing up his nose and making terrible, traumatised faces as he drank the small glass of milk, with about as much relish as if it were arsenic. “Straight from the udder?”
“‘From moo to you‘ it says on the carton.”
“Completely raw? Not treated…or anything?”
“Yep. Cow juice, just as nature intended.”

I got the distinct impression that he would not be joining his older brother in his enthusiastic conversion to raw milk. I am well aware of the pros and cons of drinking unpasteurised milk, but the taste and health benefits outweigh any minor concerns about safety. The hygiene required for this nascent industry is stringent and well-regulated, and the industry too young to have grown complacent enough to take risks. And anyway, I rather like watching the ‘ladies who munch’ graze in the field while I fill my bottle with…

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What’s the best thing here?

Dan’s Word Weaver Contest for July give it a whirl.

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

IMG_E2351 your humble host

I have this writing contest going on, and it’s tricky what to say about it.

I’ve seen these contests changepeople’slives!

More or less.

If I say, “Hey, we are getting more entries to date than ever before!” – does that scare people away because they think they’ll have less of a chance to win?

If I say, “Wow, we aren’t getting many entries so far” – does that scare people away because they think, well, if the contest isn’t getting a lot of entries, it’s a dud and I shouldn’t waste my time?

It’s a dilemma.

I’ll say this.

Yes, so far it appears we are getting more entries TO DATE than in prior contests.

That doesn’t really mean anything, though, because most of you guys wait until the last minute to send your stuff in, so right now I have no idea if…

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Open Call for Submissions! The Sirens Call eZine

Lee A. Forman

Hey everyone! NEW CALL for our upcoming eZine – Issue #40 – ‘As Summer Leaves and Autumn Falls’ – Stories of disaster influenced by horrific intent.

Whether it be Mother Nature’s wrath or a devilish ghoul, a sprite most wicked or a stumbling fool, tell us a tale of disaster that happens as summer ends and autumn begins.

We are looking for stories, flash fiction and poetry of horrific happenings that take place in the summer months that lead into fall. As long as the piece is primarily horror/dark fiction, we’d love to see it!

Deadline: Aug 10, 2018; readership approx: 35,000
Reprints welcome! See the blog or web site for further details!


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Fairies, Myths, & Magic – Now Available in Print!

Colleen’s Fairies Myths and Magic is now available in print.

Colleen Chesebro ~ The Fairy Whisperer

I’m happy to share that Fairies, Myths, & Magic is now available in a paperback version for the low price of $5.99 each on Amazon. I’m still in that 72-hour window on Amazon, so here is my Amazon Author Page where both editions are listed.

This book would make a great gift for all those summer birthday parties you still have to attend. By the way, There will be a second volume dedicated to the Winter Solstice, available in early December. ❤

I would like to thank D. G. Kaye, Diana Peach, Dan Greenwell, Andrew Joyce, and Balroop Singh for their rave reviews of Fairies, Myths, & Magic. Your kind words found their way into the advanced praise section of this book and on the back cover. Thanks for your kindness! You guys are the best! ❤


Image Credit: purehappylife.com

Do it SO… what are you…

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Watching the girls go by…

A wonderful post on believing in yourself and how others opinions make our choices. From Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

England is hot at the moment… by our standards, at least… and any inkling of summer in our temperate land is always greeted by the hopeful baring of pale flesh. It also seems to be greeted with traffic jams and, twiddling my thumbs in the latest, I turned to people watching. There was plenty to see.

Men, it must be said, are at a distinct sartorial disadvantage in summer. While trousers may get shorter and shirts brighter, there is little change in the basic shape of their apparel. Not so the female of the species. Hemlines sweep the floor or go up to dangerous heights. Unexpected, and occasionally inappropriate areas of anatomy are bared and what is left covered sports every shade of the rainbow in every conceivable combination, from the casually elegant to the downright startling.

As I melted in traffic, I observed the various ladies walking and thus…

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Platform: Self-Publishing

Debby’s fantastic advice for self-publishing.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

How to Build a Readership with Blogging
and Prepare for Publishing by Debby Gies

As writers who choose to self-publish, we must understand that we’ve chosen to be not only writers but publishers, marketers, and promoters of our work because these components are all essential parts of running a business. Yes, your business! If we intend to sell books, it’s in our best interests to learn about these things as well as building an author platform. If we don’t put in the time to promote our work, our books will surely sit and collect dust on the virtual shelves, lost in a sea of hundreds of thousands of other books.

Although we may be publishing in a digital world, our business is no different than if we opened our own brick and mortar store. We wouldn’t leave our doors unlocked and wares left unattended, would we? So, let’s get into…

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