WRITING CHALLENGE: Instant Book Title Creator!

This is loads of fun, from danalatorre.com

Dan Alatorre

Your humble host. your humble host

I always get stuck when it come to a title for my latest story. Don’t you?

Not any more!

Create a book title: color of your underwear, food you ate last, and the city you visited on your last vacation: The (blank) (blank) of (blank). Substitute socks or pants for underwear if you’re shy; no one will know.

Post your answer below.

(The ones that look the most fun will be our writing prompts for an upcoming writing challenge.)

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4 thoughts on “WRITING CHALLENGE: Instant Book Title Creator!

  1. OMG… that’s utterly fabulous. But I’m totally embarrassed about my underwear! Can I go with the color it was when I bought it (back in the dark ages)? Add to that, travels with psycho-ex don’t qualify as vacations, and I have not had much of one since, one long weekend might qualify.
    Sigh… So be it then. “Dingy Dry Soda Bread in Orlando” … I don’t think that will attract many readers, Adele. 😀 Mega hugs!

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