Faeries, Children and Altered States of Consciousness

Neil’s essay in the Wollaton Gnomes. He discusses Faeries and Children and altered states of consciousness.


A new publication by Simon Young, The Wollaton Gnomes: A Nottingham Fairy Mystery maps out the peculiar incident from 1979 when a group of children experienced gnome-like entities in a park in Nottingham. The book includes all the known sources, with a discussion of the data. It also has ten new essays that expound upon the incident and introduce a range of perspectives upon what may have happened. My own essay (adapted to include an introduction for anyone unfamiliar with the incident) is republished below. The discussion is curtailed somewhat, due to the word count for the publication, but there will be more lengthy articles here concerning the faeries and altered states of consciousness in the near future. Thanks to Simon for permission to share the text here at deadbutdreaming.

The Wollaton Park Incident

One of the more bizarre modern faerie encounters happened atWollaton Park in Nottinghamon 23 September 1979…

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